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Don't let your clients settle for a fraction of what their claims are worth, simply because they can't afford to wait. Magnolia Legal Funding will give them the cash they need today, to pay their bills and feed their families, while you negotiate for them.

It's Easy

We know you don't have hours to spend copying and faxing case files. Magnolia Legal Funding can approve an advance without a mountain of paperwork — often with just a phone call.

It's About Time

Other companies take weeks to approve a pre-settlement advance, then charge outrageous rates. Magnolia Legal Funding changes all that, with low rates, fast service, and no hassles.

How Will You Explain?

The Bar Association of the City of New York has made it clear that “...before recommending financing companies, a lawyer should conduct a reasonable investigation to determine whether particular providers are able and willing to offer financing on reasonable terms.” Rule 2.1 of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct requires a lawyer to provide candid advice regarding whether the financing arrangement is in the client’s best interest. Additionally, a lawyer has an ethical obligation to zealously represent the client in order to maximize the client’s recovery. We firmly believe that this includes the duty to help a client find a funding company with the lowest rates.

Magnolia Funding has the lowest rates in the industry.

Magnolia Legal Funding

Low Rates, Fast Service, No Hassles


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