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"Magnolia Legal Funding is a true lifeline for personal injury plaintiffs. They can keep a roof over a client's head while he's out of work and let him hold out for what he deserves. Having that advance lets him recover from his injury and get back to his job, so I can do mine."
Evan Torgan, Esq.
Torgan, Cooper & Aaron, P. C.
New York, New York

I am pleased to recommend Magnolia Legal Funding. Its partners possess great integrity, a concern for others and always act to help others responsibly. They quickly grasp the necessary factual and legal factors regarding my client's cases and get the job done.
Tom Moverman, Esq.
Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman
New York, New York

"Other pre-settlement funding companies ask for 20 pages of documentation, or many hours' worth of photocopying. Jay and Mike know me, know my practice, and they don't ask for a lot of paperwork. And they don't charge outrageous fees. They're fair, fast, and professional."
Ted Rosenberg, Esq.
Rosenberg & Gluck, L. L. P.
Holtsville, New York

"It's so easy to work with Jay and Mike — I've gotten advances arranged with a single phone call. They know this business, and we speak the same language. They've saved me and my staff hours of time by cutting out all the paperwork."
Steven J. Seiden, Esq.
Seiden & Kaufman
Carle Place, New York

"Some funding companies charge rates so high they should be in criminal court. Magnolia's rates are completely reasonable, much more acceptable to a client who's in desperate need."
Dan Leav, Esq.
Leav & Steinberg
New York, New York

"Magnolia doesn't take advantage of my clients, and I appreciate that. It's a shame that some unscrupulous companies out there try to turn misfortune into profit. When a person's been badly injured, as many of my clients are, they don't need to suffer again from someone's greed."
Jeffrey A. Block, Esq.
Block, O'Toole & Murphy
New York, New York

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