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After more than a decade in personal injury law, Jay Bass and Mike Rubinowitz had seen a lot of people in trouble. They knew the pressure from their clients to settle fast — too fast — when they were out of work, out of money, and out of options. They knew they could do better, win bigger, if their clients could afford to wait. And they knew that money could buy time.

Magnolia Legal Funding was founded to buy time for good cases. Jay and Mike will work with you to assess your case and provide the right amount of funding, fast. The right amount, to get your clients back on their feet. Fast, to eliminate the pressure to settle too soon.

Jay and Mike saw the problem firsthand in 1999, with a client who had been catastrophically injured in a construction accident. He was unable to work, and his worker's compensation and disability benefits weren't enough to cover his expenses. The Code of Professional Responsibility prevented the attorneys from advancing money to their client, but they wanted to get him help. They discovered that the "best" rates available were as much as 48 percent a year, compounding daily.

To make matters worse, these high-interest advances weren't even available until the attorneys and their staff had spent hours copying files and records and filling out lengthy questionnaires. In the end, the client got an advance and was able to survive until he won a substantial settlement — and paid back more than double what he'd received as an advance.

Jay and Mike realized that personal injury attorneys needed a company to turn to when their clients were in dire straits, a company that wouldn't charge obscene rates. And they knew that attorneys and their staffs shouldn't be wasting valuable time copying files and filling out forms.

"We know a good case when we see one, and we know good attorneys when we meet them," says Jay Bass. "Our goal is to make things easy for them. We only work with the cream of the crop of the plaintiff's bar. We forge personal relationships with these attorneys so we can evaluate a case over the phone in the shortest time possible. When the case is right we can cut a check right away — we know how to get the job done."

Getting the job done right is the key to Magnolia Legal Funding. That means minimum risk, minimum hassle, minimum paperwork, and maximum benefits. Protect your best clients by helping them get immediate cash for their needs, and protect yourself by working with a company that understands your business.

"We know there are other companies out there that claim to do what we do," says Mike Rubinowitz. "But no other company — no one — can get your clients money as quickly and as painlessly as we do. We've got the lowest rates, the fastest service, and easiest process. There are no forms to fill out, no copying of files, no worrying about paperwork floating around unaccounted for. We are absolutely the right company to call when a client needs cash."

Magnolia Legal Funding.
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